about sam

For nearly 10 years now, Sam Short has been training dogs with force-free, reward based training methods. What started as a hobby, has quickly become a career. In the span of a few short years, Sam has teamed up with several Ohio rescue groups such as: I Have A Dream rescue organization, RESCUEDOhio, and Cause for Canines. He is a preferred trainer for many rescue groups and families all over Ohio.  Sam has been a volunteer trainer for the Franklin County Dog Shelter where he worked with volunteers and administration to provide enrichment for dogs at the shelter. He regularly collaborates with many other local trainers including Steffen Baldwin from Save Them Dog Training and Tiffany Murphy of The Central Ohio Muttessori School. Sam works regularly with local businesses including Bark Box and Mutts & Co.  providing training services and community activities. Along with Steffen Baldwin, Sam works with inmates and their foster dogs at the Orient Correctional Reception Center. Due to the lack of success and leadership, the program was shut down until Sam and Steffen stepped in and were given the chance to build the program from the ground up.  It has taken a lot of time, patience and trust for these inmates to be accepted into this program. It is Sam and Steffens goal to provide the inmates with the tools and techniques they need to successfully prepare their dogs for adoption. Sam is a passionate advocate for rescue/shelter dogs and Pit bull breeds.                                                   

"I firmly believe no dog is inherently bad and with time and patience nearly all dogs can be helped to live a full and loving life."                                                   - Sam Short